Dat0wn Studios : @bolly_bgm x @kiddkiddrllnr 

Pictured: @teardropz718 @thirstmulah_nof @bolly_bgm @kiddkiddrllnr all live @dat0wn studios

Known for being the former spot of legendary Jam Master Jay, Dat0wn studios ran by “Teardropz“, has been quite busy this year…

A year ago “Teardropz” hosted a listening event for popular independent artist Grafh. Nowadays, Dat0wn studios is home to some of the most trending artist in the country; @821music @tytrilly_music @kevdotpeasly just to name a few . 

This particular night in August, artist Bolly and 50 Cent artist KiddKidd (The Unit) came through along with artist Thrist Mula to record one of the best records to date…. To follow up on the latest with them follow @bolly_bgm for details… to book a session at Dat0wn Studios contact @tony2usquares on instagram. Check out more on what’s up @dat0wn also on instagram….

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