@RamonClemente presents #Airmonchotour 

The streets say there’s a stigma attached to the infamous Daniel O’Connell Park (featured in 1998’s film BELLY)located on Murdock Ave between 196 and 197th streets in Saint Albans, Queens. However stereotypical it may be there’s one thing that can’t be denied, OCP produces talent on the COURT!

International Champion star Ramon Clemente aka Air Moncho  is a prime example of that remarkable talent.  Ramon Clemente is what you would call Top of the Food chain in the international basketball community

Ramon Clemente is one of the best players in the international league, goes by the sports nickname Air Moncho for how effortlessly he glides throught the air to deliver the ball to the hoop over his opponents. This past summer right before he left for his new season, Ramon hosted for the 2ND year in a row his #AirMoncho tour which caters to the innercity youth from his surrounding neighborhoods in northside Queens, New York. Pictured above are shots from the amazing turnout! Children of all different ages ranging from 6-18 years old came through for Clemente’s extensive basketball lessons on the court. There was music provided by ole school DJ Hollywood, free school supplies available to those who attended, free food and drinks for the children as well as adults.

Owner of urbanwear/menswear NoodleCupGang, Ramon Clemente is also a graduate of Witchta State University.

 You can stay up to date with him on instagram/ramonclemente and visit 


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