Trilly Season


Doing what needs to be done may not make you happy, but it will make you great.

George Bernard Shaw

8:21 pm Monday night was the time given by Southside Jamaica, Queens artist Ty Trilly (@tytrilly_music) when he announced it via social media and then there was no drop?

What Trilly later realized while at Dat0wn studio’s with Head Engineer Teardropz (@teardropz718), sometimes it’s best to just go with the flow….

 After countless hours of editing and mechanical malfunctions, a golden child arises outta Southside name Ty Trilly.

“Trilly Season is more than a mixtape, it’s an album”

It would seem that as a result of the death of his beloved grandmother, Trilly is no longer a boy from “the Jects” but now a man on a mission. The mixtape entitled Trilly Season features tracks like the hardcore banger “Gunsmoke” featuring Southside Queens own talented wordsmith, artist “$tack$” which goes hard on the bass and the bars are sick! especially where Stacks drops a couple of  classic lines leaving you fiendin for more. $tack$ is also featured on the track “Life of a Dancer”.Other features on Trilly Season is Ravenswood own B Ice/ Aye Ba on the dope track “Do’s and Do Not”. 

While listening you will come upon the trap inspired track called  “Door Locked” featuring the mastermind which is “Cblack” of popular Queens, NY rap group 821.When Cblack touches the mic he makes you remember he’s just that Nicca . Trilly Season has the best material of music we’ve heard in a while on the New York scene. He definitely has the best of best in hiphop on this new project. Cblack and $tack$ are some of the most sort after talented individuals in today’s music game…if you didn’t know, now you do… you’re welcome. 
Trilly takes it Uptown with a feature by Fred Da God on the street concious track “20 years” where he speaks of the typical hood stigma of how Niccas don’t usually make it out of the hood due to many messed up situations. The beat on that song is consistent and somewhat like a sing along type .

Trilly Season has 14 songs which were  all engineered and mixed by Dat0wn/Hall of Fame studio’s own Head Engineer Teardropz, majority of the beats were produced by Queens own TV Beats (@tvbeats). The song Cocoon #Trillymix is one of our faves . On Cocoon, Trilly is in his zone and it echoes his independence as an artist in his prime. If you really love hiphop then Trilly will instantly make you fall in line with his whole Movement. 

Finally the inspiration behind this whole project, the glue that held him together thru the entire process, his grandmother. Trilly has a beautiful tribute made for her on his song One Day at a Time featuring the beautiful Yazmin Soul (@yazminsoul). 

Trilly gives raw  emotion on how the whole ordeal of her passing has affected his life in the past weeks since she’s been gone . Trilly Season hosted by

Dj Jus (@iamdjjus) and Dj SuperStarJay ,the mixtape dropped a couple hours ago on Datpiff.com … Go download and go tell a friend to tell a friend…. it’s epic!

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