Mayoral Town Hall hosted by Councilman Miller 

Cold…drizzle and lots of commotion as folks entered into Roy Wilkins Recreational Center lastnight as Councilman Miller and New York City Mayor Deblasio take their seats at lastnights town hall meeting in Southeast Queens.

The gymnasium where the meeting was held was filled to capacity with standing room only, that however didn’t discourage the Mayor from standing tall as he is and readily willing to answer questions from the crowd of eager Queens residents. Topics like Universal child care, Senior Living,  school zoning were the starters of the night. Other issues like the spiking rate of homelessness, new building of hotels in suburban neighborhoods which struck a cord with the audience of listeners. The Mayor sat and directly spoke with the residents and had many of his staff available for help on the various issues pointed out… For more on how things turned out check out Facebook/daneek.miller and his instagram/idaneekmiller 

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