#AgainstAllOdds x 821

Ever since 50 Cent opened the flood gates in infamous Southside Jamaica Queens it’s been nothing but smooth sailing from there. From Queens there has been the Queen Nicki Minaj and most recently in 2015 …. eight letters, two words , one meaning821” (Get Money)

A three man rap group (@kkdadon821, @cblack_balla_821, @hoedyhoe ) All whom hail outta South Jamaica Queens Housing aka 40 Projects.

 On Friday, Oct 7 2016 “821” debuted their 3rd project entitled “Against All Odds”. Popular for their exclusive hit single “Lobby“, 821 has had the streets across the World on Fiyyahhhh! 

Against All Odds shows their evolution as individual artist and as a group, especially on one of my favorite tracks entitled “In my Lane” @kkdadon821 reminds you why He’s the Don in this era of HipHop which is why no matter what, KK is going to be relevant for years to come. Smooth lyricist and the centerpiece of 821 @cblack_balla_821 captivates ya ear drum with the chorus…

“I think bout it everyday.. I was taught to never be afraid why would I aim it for his leg when the power of the body is the Head, I don’t think nobody in my Lane seem like erybody started to change , headed to the paper on my wave…I’m just headed to the paper on my wave”

Cblack’s aura as an artist echoes Ruff Ryders, Drag-On with a mixture of The Lox; Styles P,Sheek Louch and Jadakiss. When you listen to Cblack, he expresses hisself in a way where you feel him on everything he spittin. Another dope track called  What I’m Worth….Cblack states the reality of who he is in this rap game:  “Imma show you what Im really worth, It could just get better or get worst, it could be a gift or be a curse…”  then he gives some jewels, like respect my sh*T when he says ….

“I on’t even really care what they tryna say, right now I’m just focused on my business keepin commas straight. ..”

Get 2 the Bag, there will never be another Hoedy aka @hoedyhoe (#Hoegang) He opens the track with a small dialogue with the fans… “When you gettin money you just do wat da fuc you wanna do, feel wat I’m sayin… its young Niccas from da bottom! Ahhh it’s me Baby! 821 yall Niccas know wat to do…. I been gettin to dat bag…” music chimes in…. Hoedy Hoe is the ultimate ladies man peep the tag #Hoegang cause he gets all da hoes (insert smiley face) he also viewed as a great hook writer. 821 changed the musical climate in music especially in Queens. They are the new wave whether you agree or not, they are Trap music with New York flava since day one and the industry in my pwn opinion are too ignorant to acknowledge it hence the title of the mixtape … Against All Odds

Though we all have our own haters, 821 revitalized a whole new generation of new artistry to come out and be heard; why would “They” hate on that? Since the era of 50 Cent’s G-Unit, when have you heard such passionate word slayage like that of 821, with hard crushing beats and great musical flows? 

On Against All Odds you have plenty great talents who contributed to this project like that of @ballem_bushgi (famous for Skrrr single ), @a2rbeatz,  and mixed by Head Engineer of Dat0wn studios where the whole project was recorded at by “TearDropz” (@teardropz718 is the man behind 821 ask bout him!)… all of whom are from the Hidden Gem we call Queens… 

Because of 821 we have @tytrilly_music (Trilly Season),  @tango_821 (Thotty) , @hr_8bm (My Way), @roger_callmehandsome (Outta the Friends Zone), @lougotcash(Lifestyle Different) and the most anticipated artist to drop in November @mr821 “$tack$” (It’s Just Different)… there’s plenty more to name but those are just a few hailing from Southside Jamaica Queens… Against All Odds is out now on datpiff.com, spinrilla.com and Soundcloud.com. … follow them on social media @821music, @821films, @kkdadon821, @cblack_balla_821 and @hoedyhoe 

#Allcardsonthetable x Royal Flush 

The streets call him the Governor but to  hiphop, he is Royal Flush. He is currently in the stages of tweaking the final touches for his newest project entitled 

“All cards on the table “

The album will be epic, with features from Dat0wn’s very own Head Engineer/Producer  “Teardropz” , upcoming artist @tony2usquares,  singer/songwriter @yazminsoul, and Uncle Murda on the popular track called “Trapp Like It’s Legal” created by @tony2usquares . There’s a voice over  done by Lechelle Bishop of Elite PR on the track.

The album All Cards on the Table is basically his final word on hiphop and his life. Royal Flush’s personal diary in the form of music. Royal Flush comes from the era where your word was ya bond, where real gangsta’s moved in silence and being an actual lyricist actually meant a whole lot in the rap game. Most of all Royal Flush is one of the Original New York flavored lyricist reppin from Queens, New York . His name Flush comes as a result of his upbringing in Flushing,Queens. Royal Flush has been around many celebrity artists like himself including the infamous Freaky Tah who was murdered back in 1999 in Southside Queens. Royal Flush so dope!

 I (@iamword_)personally got to here a story on how He handled a lil “Somethin Somethin” for popular Lost Boyz rapper Mr. Cheeks back in the day. Royal Flush is the streets and has a different perspective on the rap game and where it’s at today. On this album he’ll discuss alot on what has transpired through each riveting bar he delievers. The fans wont be disappointed as Flush brings that New York gritty feeling back in his music.

Tonight catch Royal Flush and 821 live at Sugardaddys in Long Island City for his Singles release… Stay Tune for upcoming Interview….

@princeradiora x L.O.V.E


Do Remember #LOVETheEP will be available OCTOBER 14 #AlternativeHiphop #NYhiphop check out #Tainted with 15k plays on #soundcloud and over 10k streams on #Spotify. … 

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Facebookliveshowcase takes over Queens…

Tonight…. Facebook live showcase premieres live in living color at Hall of Fame MultiMedia Studios located at 

89-37 164th street on Jamaica avenue.

It’s the first of its kind in its platform, the idea came about by RonDu of DuUTv as a collaborative with affiliates of Hall of Fame and Dat0wn studios. 

If you haven’t already brought a ticket, follow facebook live Showcase on instagram/@facebookliveshowcase for updates on the show and future events. Check out @_kingcash and @teardropz718 head engineer of Dat0wn studios in Queens, New York