#Allcardsonthetable x Royal Flush 

The streets call him the Governor but to  hiphop, he is Royal Flush. He is currently in the stages of tweaking the final touches for his newest project entitled 

“All cards on the table “

The album will be epic, with features from Dat0wn’s very own Head Engineer/Producer  “Teardropz” , upcoming artist @tony2usquares,  singer/songwriter @yazminsoul, and Uncle Murda on the popular track called “Trapp Like It’s Legal” created by @tony2usquares . There’s a voice over  done by Lechelle Bishop of Elite PR on the track.

The album All Cards on the Table is basically his final word on hiphop and his life. Royal Flush’s personal diary in the form of music. Royal Flush comes from the era where your word was ya bond, where real gangsta’s moved in silence and being an actual lyricist actually meant a whole lot in the rap game. Most of all Royal Flush is one of the Original New York flavored lyricist reppin from Queens, New York . His name Flush comes as a result of his upbringing in Flushing,Queens. Royal Flush has been around many celebrity artists like himself including the infamous Freaky Tah who was murdered back in 1999 in Southside Queens. Royal Flush so dope!

 I (@iamword_)personally got to here a story on how He handled a lil “Somethin Somethin” for popular Lost Boyz rapper Mr. Cheeks back in the day. Royal Flush is the streets and has a different perspective on the rap game and where it’s at today. On this album he’ll discuss alot on what has transpired through each riveting bar he delievers. The fans wont be disappointed as Flush brings that New York gritty feeling back in his music.

Tonight catch Royal Flush and 821 live at Sugardaddys in Long Island City for his Singles release… Stay Tune for upcoming Interview….

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