The Royalty Project x Jacqueline Jackson 

Saturday, November 5, 2016 goes down in history as forever the day The Royalty Project commenced it’s first “Crowning”.

Founder and Visionary Jacqueline Jackson came up with an idea to encourage our youth of color in a week by week initiative. Each week was orchestrated in Harlem, New York with urban youth and mentors of different backgrounds to cultivate open minds on what it is to be Royal and A youth of color in today’s World. Following the series of sessions , a finale was held at Sugar Hill Children’s Museum in Harlem where the youth were crowned by their assigned mentors. My daughter Charity Campbell-Goodman was one of the participants and I must say it was definitely worth all those early mornings rushing to get her there. Salute to Jacqueline Jackson, you can see more about The Royalty Project by following them on social media: instagram/@jdoubleup … instagram/theroyaltyproject 


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