Executive Producer Teardropz chops it up w/On the Spot with Joyaduhhh!

Election night was already poppin off with a heated build up of anticipation as we waited to hear who would be our next President, “Billary” or “Trump”.… Yall already know who won haha… now to the real juice!

Popular Head Engineer and Owner, Teardropz the G.O.A.T of these Queens streets graced the spot with Joyaduhhh alongside cohosts @the_haitian_king and @burymein_makeup, to give us an incite into whose the hottest on the music scene in Queens and in HipHop period! Tune in to Joyaduhhh each and every Tuesday 8pm-10pm on #gfmradio also download the app…. Follow Teardropz on socialmedia @teardropz718 and Joyaduhhh on social media @joyaduhhh… Check on whats exclusive on @theqweens_com.

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