Teardropz x The Nicole Mack Show

Way up yonder in no man’s land lays the fountain of rawness so raunchy it makes the Love and Hip Hop franchise blush,literally. … what happened on The Nicole Mack show was all live and real. 

Good thing we like a Lil controversy, Teardropz head engineer and producer at Dat0wn studios came thru with musical genius UniquetheArtist….

Every moment in the studio as the camera’s rolled Nicole aka Fashion Mack was loud,proud and ready to suck some dick. ..oh did we just say that out loud? (Insert sideeye emoji face) Yes if you could think it, she was saying it. Fashion Mack was loud for the world to know, even throwin it out there to Teardropz! Hilarious and ratchet a guys perfect wet dream for entertainment and arousal. For #bts of the show follow @Teardropz718 and @UniquetheArtist on instagram. Stay up to date with more stories with @theQweens_com

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