LL Cool J x Jump and Ball

Sunshine, BBQ , snacks, music and sports…. what better way to enjoy the heat but to be literally outside with it.

All jokes aside… Jump and Ball hosted and operated by BlackerUSA and endorsed by LL Cool J with elected officials; like Alicia Hyndman, Senator Comrie and I. Daneek Miller has become one of Southeast Queen’s best known neighborhood attractions for the month of July and August from Summer’s past and present.

In August only, a change of events happened this Summer for the better…

There was much diversity regarding the athlete’s this past Summer. The add-on of Wheelchair games was added to the roster and it was a major hit! 

There was also a youth marching band and much of the hood celebrity to entertain… Needless to say, the youth absolutely enjoyed themselves. There’s more I could write but you could just check out @llcoolj @blackerusa and @TheQweens_com on instagram for details on the adventurous extravaganza. … (circa August 2016)

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