As We Move Forward: #ZanuSimpson

We awake to a new day… I don’t know how to go about this but I will say…

Zanu Simpson, when I met you, it was at a GMC bbq hosted by “Dottie and her crew” and Awkward Dishes owner Leta Lundy was handling the food…on the block, 190th and 116rd in the early 2000’s DJ Love Dinero had us live that night… Fast forward and here we are… We laid to rest a man of dedication, love, family, and loyalty. How can someone take you away like this, so suddenly, will be the question for years to come,if a culprit hasn’t been found…

Those were the thoughts and conversations at the funeral, held at the Greater Allen Cathedral of New York City. I watched as the many loved ones far and near pured out in droves of white, asked of the Simpson family in a celebration of the life of “ZdaGreat1“. As, the viewing carried on, a slide show of Zanu appeared on the huge screen above the pulpit in the Cathedral. Happy faces graced the screen, sharing in the love that was “Zanu“, Zanu you will be missed indeed. The community has an air of change in it, u can feel it, one must remain optimistic for a better outlook on our future in South East Queens on the Northside of things…

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