Kay Melodies… (Darling gyal)

Music makes the heart jump for joy… This young lady has melodies for sure and great sound… Introducing @Kay_melodies … Not only is she beautiful, her voice is going to take her places… Tune in and pay attention…

Sport! (1800-StayBusy)

The artist known as “Sport” debuts music… There’s a lot to say about the artist, but we will save that for another time when we interview him… For now check him out on his social media instagram/sport2busy

Watch “Baisley La “Boss Man”

He’s the heart of Baisley Houses in Queens off Foch Blvd… They call em “Drop” or “B-LA” but we call em #Bossman haha yup he definitely is… Featured in the video are also @SuperCoolQ (#ontheroad) , @skinofbronze_ (producer) and of course the extremely funny @slycemulatv check it out and repost on all your social media outlets…

Also peep new video for single by #omb (Only My Brothers) featuring Baisley La


New Face: Nicole Black

The beautiful Atlanta, Georgia native “Nicole Black” belts her heart out on this freshman track entitled “Show Me” where the girl in this poppin uptempo disco beat song, explains how much she’s willingly to do anything to please her man, all he has to do is show her something worth her wild… Luv the beat, def a hit single and def a cutie… Catch her on Soundcloud/NicoleBlackMusic

Rihanna × Fenty Empire

The world was at an instant shock when, pop star Rihanna debuted her Fenty Beauty line just a week ago.

Most popular are her darker shades in the beauty line that debuted across the world catering to the different shades of women around the globe.

Rihanna officially has brands in sneakers w/ Puma and now the cosmetic line… She does also have the perfume and apparel line as well… New music I believe will be next on top of her growing marijuana business in Colorado…(Google it)

Nicki Minaj still “Reigns”

Recently, the news came out bout Nicki Minaj in relations with famed Queens wordsmith, Nas…

Now a days… She’s back to work thanks to Cardi B‘s hit single Bodak Yellow… Yes Nicki opened that lane for Cardi… But Nicki forgot “don’t get comfortable” someone always wants the crown… Focus!

Nicki Minaj collabs with MAC cosmetics once again…

Lil SNS on #WildnOut

We met former Bad Boy DJ SNS’s son “Lil SNS” of #IcyGang back in 2011 for #RedBull concert series in the Financial District in New York City (Manhattan) … Then we bumped into him again at Daddy’s House (P.Diddys former bad boy studios in NYC) where we also met at the time “Tittyboy” 2 weeks prior to him debuting on Hot97 w/Funk Flex or New at 2 with DJ Camilio (correct us if we wrong but yea) who later changed his name to 2Chainz

Lil SNS has been on both Hot 97 and Power 1051 which is more to say than most New York born #artist

Recently, he performed on WildnOut with popular host/producer/director/big kid @nickcannon