The Qweens represents a Movement that believes everyone is a Star, you just have to smooth out the edges in order to Shine.
The Qweens creator hails from Queens, New York which birthed the name “the Qweens”.

Candace Campbell is the creator and CEO of the Qweens.

Joya Campbell is the creative director and socialite of the Qweens.

The Qweens have been established since April 2011 and we together present a platform for “Talent” to  cultivate their inner gifts by these following steps 

Identifying– Establishment of what your brand signifies

Stragedy– Distinguishing your Goals

Execution– Setup a Plan to execute for a Successful outcome

The Services Offered

•Branding Development

•Event Marketing



•Promotional Models

•Public Relations (PR)

The whole general idea here with the Qweens is we offer the “Crown Life” that better suits you and your Brand together. Remember first and foremost you the client are Royalty and we will treat you as such.

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