Step the Movie 


We all are winners, you just have to finish the race not “fast” but “smart”… I had the pleasure of enjoying the private invite only breakfast yesterday hosted by 135 agency;  in the morning at the London NYC hotel in Midtown Manhattan for the premiere of the Sundance Film Festival sensation Step the movie. The coming of age story as the “film industry” likes to label it, the girls featured in the film; hail from the city of Downtown Baltimore, Maryland and their story of triumph is chronologically told to us from their own views. The movie debuts in theaters August 4th 2017.

The movie is set in a school community, a charter school which had a losing step team until this particular year they gained a new captain who just happen to be their “savior” in this documentary. 

The movie’s run time is 83 min.


STEP documents the senior year of a girls’ high-school step dance team against the background of inner-city Baltimore.  As each one tries to become the first in their families to attend college, the girls strive to make their dancing a success against the backdrop of social unrest in the troubled city.

 Directed by: Amanda Lipitz

Produced by: Amanda Lipitz, Steven Cantor

Featuring: Blessin Giraldo, Cori Grainger, Tayla Solomon, Gari McIntyre, and Paula Dofat

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Lab 51 x Joyaduhhh #Queens 

📸: @the_lab51 x @joyaduhhh

Saturday, the Qweens of Queens made a walk thru Jamaica Colosseum Mall located on 165th street and Jamaica Avenue. Soon to be called Downtown Jamaica for the new face lift currently going on which the Big Whigs are counting on… as they made their way amongst the independent merchants of today that are still going strong. One hot spot in the mall is the fresh dope sneaker repair/retail shop just in the second to middle row across from We All In Clothing; is The Lab 51

📸: @the_lab51 x @joyaduhhh

Orchestrated as a sneaker repair shop it also modifies sneakers, re-designs sneakers, ships sneakers, buys sneakers, exchange sneakers and anything of your sneaker needs can be met with them just come thru and chop it up with them.

📸: @weallinclothing x @joyaduhhh

Connect and Follow owner @wallstreetdave and @the_lab51 on instagram and Facebook. Also come thru to 165th street and Jamaica avenue and visit the mall located toward the end of the block. 

Time Is Money !

I tuned in to the popular social platform known as YouTube for the hottest reality show to hit the streets, ahem excuse me; I meant the Web…lol

Time is Money is a new thriller series hailing from the city of Queens, unlike it’s predecessors Respect Life and popular hit series; Money and Violence which are both based out of the borough of Brooklyn. There are so many new online reality series, one may ask themselves why consider the new treat entitled Time is Money (insert question mark emoji face)

Time is Money is based out of Queens and parts of East New York and Far Rockaway. The main character’s and plot are surrounded around the street bawse Gregory Matthews and his siblings: Special Prosecuter Lakeisha Matthews, and Junior Matthews…following the ten year anniversary of their Notorious father “James Matthew’s” death. Gregory’s character is played by the heavy hitter in Queens and creator of the series, Sonny (@sonnygoodtimes/IG) of HNY records

Now I want to go further into details but that would take away the fun of yall finding out, whose who. What I will say is that the plot thickens in episode 1; Season 1 which had me on the edge of my seat as I watched certain characters conspire with others who… well wait that gives away the juice too… lol

Just know this… there’s your typical hood drama in the film but with a twist of mystery and betrayal which makes its seen like an action thriller on a totally different level unlike any other series online. You will be scratching ya head and asking many questions… yes I’m excited as I write this.

For view of footage , Subcribe…Watch…Repost and tell a friend to get involved… Queens officially is on the map… yes Prey B4 You Eat came first but it was grand in its own way, cause it was a movie, shout out to them…. Time is Money is a thriller with totally different components in it. Just Tune in and watch! Trust me! (LINK BELOW) 

Power is Industry x Awkward Dishes

Each month popular industry manager Ahmed of Ahmed Meant What He Said Productions/Power 105.1fm presents an exciting line up for the aspiring artist and music heads in New York City ; in the heart of Queens at BlackThorn 51 on Queens Blvd.

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The Drift

The Drift will be held at Hall of Fame Studios at 8pm in Jamaica, Queens;New York on 164th street and 89th avenue. 

The host will be Joyaduhhh from #OntheSpotwithJoyaduhhh 

Tunes provided by @djcastlenyc 

Catering by @awkward_dishes 

Live radio @afraidofheightzpodcast 

Southside United #Focus 

@african_ike : “Kings in Queens”

Pictured is also artist and son of Lost Boyz own Pretty Lou “LouGotCash”

Southside Jamaica Queens… you’d have to be from there to understand just how great they all are… A Talent Powerhouse!