Serena Williams Upgrades Education Internationally

via African Leadership

Her non-profit, the Serena Williams Fund partnered with Helping Hands Jamaica to build the Salt Marsh Primary School.

The mission of her charity is to help “individuals or communities effected by senseless violence, and ensure equal access to education.

The school in Jamaica is the third school Serena has built.

Previous secondary schools were created in partnership with Build Africa Schools in Uganda, Kenya and Zimbabwe .

Russell Simmons × Life Camp

A couple weeks back, Queens native Russell Simmons chats about peace, love, and positive vibes amongst former street hustlers turned urban activist… in the office of Erica Ford’s Life Camp office in Southside Queens.

2nd terms for Everyone! #politics

This past week was a rollercoaster, prime leaders in local government like I.Daneek Miller,Alicia Hyndman, and all others within Queens delegation returned back their previous seats in office thanks to the audacity of its constituency…

As for the election of Brian Cunningham, in the 40th district of Brooklyn, it was a close race, we shall see what happens for the Young King in the pressing future of our New York Politics… Stay tune…

Next Thang Poppin: We All In Clothing

The next thang poppin is, We All In Clothing LLC.

The popular boutique brand is ran by @bum_ass_chris

The custom design fashion line is herald with a colorful friendly poppin teddy bear with a crown and and a smile, well I smile when I see it haha

The brand has been out 2014, featured on celebrities local and foreign, also they have had successful fashion shows, 2 that I’ve known of plus have a place located inside of Jamaica Colosseum Mall in Queens, New York on Jamaica Avenue. Come thru and shop, enjoy, and buy exclusive designer wear for you and the whole family…

Its election time! #local

Tis the season of reckoning, when ones voice actually counts for something in this world, haha But no seriously, in Brooklyn for the 40th district we have Brian Cunningham running against a very popular incumbent, and across the borough in Queens we have the popular Councilman I.Daneek Miller

Choose wisely, this affects us all… #govote

Dear Summer…

Dear Summer ….

Its been one helleva of a ride… Stay tune for more… Follow @theQweens__com for updates…

#Baisley Rises Up…

Popular entertainers hailing from #BaisleyParkHouses aka Baisley Projects like @baisleyla_gis speaks on being shot 4x in this amazing documentary created by @chyrsanthea

The documentary also feature’s popular #urbanyogi @kingjake_gis ,

@jamesbarond4 designer for clothing line entitled “Food” and last but not least @SuperCoolQ independent artist popular for single #ontheroad