Russell Simmons × Life Camp

A couple weeks back, Queens native Russell Simmons chats about peace, love, and positive vibes amongst former street hustlers turned urban activist… in the office of Erica Ford’s Life Camp office in Southside Queens.

Recap: Hazel E vs. Shoe Dazzle

Side Bar: Last we checked, the real come up in the whole ordeal is actually Hazel E … Shoe Dazzle still owes her money if they haven’t paid already… #oops

Keke Palmer Emerges Upward

Keke Palmer kicks it on TRL recently to discuss her new role in Berlin Station, a spy thriller; and also her role in upcoming Scream series for MTV … Peep more above…

Margot Robbie for Tonya Harding

In case u weren’t aware, popular figure skater Tonya Harding struck award winning figure skater Nancy Kerrigan out of spite… Watch trailer for details…

Remember when… #WakaFlocka

Recap: So Remember when artist Waka Flocka responded on syndicated radio that he wasn’t “Black” , yea well this is backbone holding down the fort on the matter…

We’re going to need more Wine

Gabrielle Union stops by Sway in the Morning to discuss masturbation and wine haha.. Peep above⬆