BEFORE THE STORM – @itzroyal

Listen to BEFORE THE STORM by Kai Roy’al #np on #SoundCloud

Its 2017 yet the spirit of the 90s left its essence lingering in the air,and so we given gifts, like the talented storyteller, motivator, mind regulator… @itzroyal

Stay tune… Interview due soon

Kodak Black × Rape Charges

According to sources over at Variety, recording artist Kodak Black has been recently arraigned on rape charges and awaits trial for the case involving a young teenage girl.

Kodak has been dealing with parole violations as well. We shall see the outcome soon enough, what are your thoughts?

Sport! (1800-StayBusy)

The artist known as “Sport” debuts music… There’s a lot to say about the artist, but we will save that for another time when we interview him… For now check him out on his social media instagram/sport2busy

Usher claims “No Herpes, Don’t know her”

The media storm surrounding today’s, celebrities is crazy… well when the government needs a distraction… you can always count on the celebrities being the first target for entertainment… Usher claims its all false, part of me believes him.. what do you say…

Shoutout to the Breakfast Club for keeping us abreast of whats the 411

No longer AmandaDiva… its SEALES

If you are from my era 86-2000 …then you would remember the host of most of the urban hip hop scene, the one and only “Amanda Diva”… She comes to the breakfast club to talk bout Jay-z, sexual partners, and industry sh*t… HAHA it was indeed a great interview with the Breakfast Club… tune in