Are You “Ready 10k” !!!

Nice and Sunny in good ole South Jamaica Queens aka #Southside and the Qween chops it up loud!!!! with the artist known as @Ready_10k 

He took me on a tour of the infamous Ajax parks, where you can see car’s flying down the street as the popular New York (JFK airport) attraction “Air Train” zooms by above our heads… @ready_10k hails from Queens but made some experiences in Jersey as well…

He comes off as a sweetheart… as most of our conversation devulged situations regarding his childhood, the moments he enjoys teaching his son about technology and his son’s advancement since his son’s birth, “10k” also spoke on his own childhood crush/sweetheart the popular @kyah_baby (#allhailkyahbaby) .

Ready 10k … is focused, driven, and nostalgic … we spoke on the details of the making of his current project 10 years Worth recorded by infamous Queens staple @teardropz718 of Dat0wn Studios, who is the executive producer and Head Engineer; whose known him since a child and recently helped cultivate his dream of creating music back to life. Ready 10k is a family oriented gentleman but trust those fist will fly for his hittas. .. we had convos about his long term goals as he wants to bring that hip hop aura back to New York especially in the borough of Queens. He’s a leader and very devoted to his craft as an artist. In his project “10 years Worth” he speaks of love, pain, family, childhood and life in general for a young man of color in this world. @ready_10k has a story to tell and it’s worth ya while so sit back, watch and engage… you could learn a thang or two… it’s ya gurl the Qween of Queens with the awesome storyteller… @ready_10k … Cop that #10yearsworth out now on

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Facebookliveshowcase takes over Queens…

Tonight…. Facebook live showcase premieres live in living color at Hall of Fame MultiMedia Studios located at 

89-37 164th street on Jamaica avenue.

It’s the first of its kind in its platform, the idea came about by RonDu of DuUTv as a collaborative with affiliates of Hall of Fame and Dat0wn studios. 

If you haven’t already brought a ticket, follow facebook live Showcase on instagram/@facebookliveshowcase for updates on the show and future events. Check out @_kingcash and @teardropz718 head engineer of Dat0wn studios in Queens, New York

Dat0wn x Dropzontheboardz 

Once it was the home to deceased DJ Jam Master Jay of Run DMC. There’s a new owner in town and his name is “Teardropz” for sessions contact him @teardropz718 on instagram or @tony2usquares 

Dat0wn Studio’s also know as Hall of Fame to the older generations… is located at 90-10 Merrick Blvd. It’s the hottest spot in Queens to be for all your studio needs… follow us @dat0wn/instagram 

Dat0wn Studios Presents… 

October 30, 2016 we celebrate the anniversary of Dat0wn Studio’s and the life of legendary Jam Master Jay of Run DMC

The festivities commence at 6pm… Dat0wn Studio’s are located in Queens, NY at 90-10 Merrick blvd. 

Tell a friend to tell a friend and save the date… Head Engineer Teardropz  (@teardropz718) Follow @dat0wn on instagram and Facebook/dat0wn 

For the record the letter “o” in Dat0wn is actually a zero… make sure you press zero on the keyboard 😊

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Dat0wn Studios : @bolly_bgm x @kiddkiddrllnr 

Pictured: @teardropz718 @thirstmulah_nof @bolly_bgm @kiddkiddrllnr all live @dat0wn studios

Known for being the former spot of legendary Jam Master Jay, Dat0wn studios ran by “Teardropz“, has been quite busy this year…

A year ago “Teardropz” hosted a listening event for popular independent artist Grafh. Nowadays, Dat0wn studios is home to some of the most trending artist in the country; @821music @tytrilly_music @kevdotpeasly just to name a few . 

This particular night in August, artist Bolly and 50 Cent artist KiddKidd (The Unit) came through along with artist Thrist Mula to record one of the best records to date…. To follow up on the latest with them follow @bolly_bgm for details… to book a session at Dat0wn Studios contact @tony2usquares on instagram. Check out more on what’s up @dat0wn also on instagram….

The Hood’s Voice of Reason: Vito

Brewer, a Democrat, represented southeast Queens in the Assembly from 1969 to 1977 and served as the state’s first black majority whip for several years…-

Courtney Dentch , Times Ledger

“Name one Queens independent artist out here getting paper off their music!?”

Vito says to me, as we sat during a recording session at Dat0wn Studios in the heart of Jamaica; Queens located on at 90-10 Merrick boulevard off Jamaica avenue, once studio to legendary DJ Jam Master Jay (rip). I started to name some artists but leave it to Vito to crush any thought of me winning this unknown debate we was engaging in lol… Vito wins this argument after he drops some jewels on what’s really good with some of Queens prestigious select group of popular artists who “seem” to be getting money but actually are being funded by those who have big money aka Silent Partners. Vito was like C.C.(me) I make more money off my urban fashion line “Guy Brew” than the music I create aint that some sh*t?!  Vito is a proud product from Guy R. Brewer Boulevard in  Southeast Jamaica, Queens also known as Southside Queens.

Last year Vito dropped The Yellow Tape mixtape which was hosted by the infamous DJ Roughandz of Southside Jamaica; Queens (R.I.P), recorded and mixed by Flushing, Queens own Teardropz head engineer at the Dat0wn studios with features from artists like California’s own popular Glasses Malone, Solar Don aka MadBushgibeatz (Rosexan, Skrrr) and Queens own Bynoe . Vito isn’t your typical Queens artist, Vito is Queens hip hop savior with a message called “Self Love”. The song P.S.A. off The Yellow Tape featuring StarKim is a call to the masses especially in the hood to wake up and realize how beautiful we as a people are. When I say we, People of Color. There is hit after hit on The Yellow Tape, Yo Bad featuring Doley Barneys speaks on recognition of those who actually live this hustle life rather than fronting like they about that life. Vito also brings it down a notch with a Bryson Tiller infused track entitled How you Love Dat featuring Merv Maxwell. There’s also a track for our Cloud nine folks called T.H.C. featuring  Krondon of Los Angeles and Rosexan famed 821 producer/songwriter Madbushgibeatz aka Solar Don who lays down amazing vocals for this layback banger. Vito currently runs a business called “Guy Brew” which is an urban wear fashion line very popular amongst people of Southeast Queens and all over the Queens borough area. The story behind the name “Guy Brew” for Vito’s clothing line comes from a personal stance, Guy R. Brewer was the first man of color to be Assemblyman in Southeast Queens and also first man of color to be majority whip in New York Legislature from 1969-1977. The Assembly man Brewer passed away October 1978 from prostate cancer, Guy R. Brewer boulevard is named after him, this is where Vito is from. Vito’s also familiar with the affects of cancer due to the passing of his grandfather and his father to the fatal disease. The financial proceeds from the clothing line, a percentage of it goes to the Cancer Society in an effort to finding a cure for a disease that affects Vito family till this day. You can catch Vito on Guy Brewer Boulevard front and center like the King he is, in these streets or on social media on Instagram/@grbvito . Support his movement and cop a “Guy Brew” shirt, tell him the Qweens sent ya! Peep more of the great music off The Yellow Mixtape at Soundcloud/prestigiouspenner