Dear Summer…

Dear Summer ….

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Meet the Talent: SonnyGoodTimes

Time is Money… is out now… the director is none other than… @sonnygoodtimes ... did you know… he was an artist hailing from Far Rockaway, Queens before the “movies” peep him in this 50 cent remix version of “Far Rock Get it” feat. artist “Deadeye”

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12 years a slave !

A week ago I went on a roadtrip with my bestfriend to Pensacola Florida, all the way from New York. While driving down there, we drove through the Carolina’s, Georgia, and Alabama. I guess you could call that ” the best of the south”. When we drove through these states it was night time and completely dark. I had no idea we were passing acres upon acres of cotton fields. I had made this discovery on the way back when it was bright and sunny outside. I begged and convinced my best friend to pull over so that I could take a picture. I got so close to the cotton I picked a piece and quickly ran back to the car. I was pleased with my video footage and pictures, however I was grieved and hurt simultaneously at the same time. All I could think of was the thousands of slaves who had been beaten,whipped, hung, lynched, raped, degraded, and completely brainwashed of what humanity was. “12 Years a Slave” left me with a very vivid visual of America’s horrible past concerning African Americans. Steve McQueen left no nerve untouched in my body as I watched his film. Tears of sorrow, pain, heartbreak, and happiness poured down my face on several scenes with 133 minutes. Knowing that the film was based on a true story made me sob harder. When I picked that cotton and held it in my hand I was in awe … Like wow, the beauty of how nature works … Yesterday when I walked out of that movie there I sobbed as if Solomon was my long lost father with whom I was being reunited. Patsy’s character depicted how strong our black Queens are! How we are built to last and made to endure. Black women are no strangers to jealousy from other races. Made to be the object of her crazy master only made things worse. There was a time I thought she was dead in the film and I couldn’t help but cry. I was happy for her because she had long to die, she begged to be put out of her misery, she yearned for peace. Once I realized that she was still alive the next set of tears happened to be sad ones. When would her struggle be over? The connection I was able to make to this film was mind-boggling, heart breaking and life changing all at the same time. It’s so much to take in, a few movie goers left before the movie was finished. It is true that the truth hurts! This is not the first slavery movie I have seen but it is the first to jump and grab me out of my seat ! If you haven’t seen 12 Years a Slave go check it out. You are guaranteed not to leave the same way you came in!

Steve McQueen is genius!!!

Joya C.