Lab 51 x Joyaduhhh #Queens 

📸: @the_lab51 x @joyaduhhh

Saturday, the Qweens of Queens made a walk thru Jamaica Colosseum Mall located on 165th street and Jamaica Avenue. Soon to be called Downtown Jamaica for the new face lift currently going on which the Big Whigs are counting on… as they made their way amongst the independent merchants of today that are still going strong. One hot spot in the mall is the fresh dope sneaker repair/retail shop just in the second to middle row across from We All In Clothing; is The Lab 51

📸: @the_lab51 x @joyaduhhh

Orchestrated as a sneaker repair shop it also modifies sneakers, re-designs sneakers, ships sneakers, buys sneakers, exchange sneakers and anything of your sneaker needs can be met with them just come thru and chop it up with them.

📸: @weallinclothing x @joyaduhhh

Connect and Follow owner @wallstreetdave and @the_lab51 on instagram and Facebook. Also come thru to 165th street and Jamaica avenue and visit the mall located toward the end of the block. 

Tom Dee’s x L.O.A.B

One of the hottest spots in the urban/eccentric area of Brooklyn hails the awesome legendary clothing/sneaker store @tomdsny  (Tom,Dick and Harry’s)

The store is a family owned business, whom not only owns businesses up and down Broadway in Bedford Stuyvesant area of Brooklyn, but also has a second store in Manhattan. TomDee’s is home to one of Jay-z’s biggest hit video’s 

The Streets are Watching“… (peep video)

March 25, 2017 join…

@loab_loab_loab and @qu33n_O for an awesome show at Tom Dee’s meshing hip hop with local fashion artist, alike. Come out and get in tune with the culture.