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“National Debt touches on multiple styles—Detroit’s ghetto tech, traditional hardcore hip-hop, a singular trap cadence on “Windows 95,” and bashment, or Jamaican dancehall—with the title track setting the tone for the project.” —Bandcamp

New York, NY (August 2, 2017) — Gritty in its delivery, and sometimes lo-fi in its production, “National Debt” finds Detroit-native rapper-songwriter TRPL BLK and Long Island’s DJ Prince, who also raps on the project, on a financial escapade. From the start, informative and insightful skits affix the convictions of their album like they did in the nineties.

In a time where trap regulates urban sound waves and global pop culture, TRPL BLK and DJ Prince have chosen to use their creativity to coach, in the same way, Jay-Z’s “4:44” does. The differences lie within the creation. In verity, TRPL BLK and DJ Prince come from families who are financially astute. However, they are in the trenches, with groups of people, they want to educate.

On their own, they’ve garnered support from several media outlets from the likes of Complex, Fact Mag, SPIN, Okayplayer, 2DOPEBOYZ
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National Debt
Mobile Kitchen

1. Intro
2. Bag Drop
3. Meal Ticket
4. National Debt
5. Cheddar Make It Wetter
6. Back Blocks
7. Invest That
8. F U Pay Me
9. Windows 95
10. Stay Down
11. Choppa Jit featuring Conway
12. NoCash No Pum Pum

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About ‘National Debt:’
Delving into the layers of each composition, individuality, and solidarity glistens through the bass-heavy selections. Unlike most albums today, “National Debt” ventures into multiple genres that are indigenous to its makers (Detroit’s ghettotech, traditional hardcore hip-hop, a singular trap cadence on “Windows95,” and bashment or Jamaican dancehall). The title track grounds the project, setting the tone, lyrically and visually.

Conway, who recently inked a deal with Eminem’s Shady Records, is the only feature (“Choppa Jit”). In the Buffalo-native rapper’s verse, he boasts about what the gentlemen have in common: Earning hard cash, reprimanding anyone who threatens their peace, and Danny Brown. Other collaborations and silent input came forth in the A&R, production, and visual side. Dart Adams, Combat Cottonwood, Hillie Hill, Dusty Fingerz, Von Styles, and myself are credited.

On an another note: Whether one chooses to see it or not, there are also streaks of encouragement for female-run businesses in the 12-track effort (“National Debt,” “Cheddar Make It Wetter” and “No Cash No Pum Pum”). Women have been written off or written out of America’s economy for so long. We’re still fighting for the so-called Equal Pay Act of 1963 to kick in now, so it is a refreshing inclusion.

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Are You “Ready 10k” !!!

Nice and Sunny in good ole South Jamaica Queens aka #Southside and the Qween chops it up loud!!!! with the artist known as @Ready_10k 

He took me on a tour of the infamous Ajax parks, where you can see car’s flying down the street as the popular New York (JFK airport) attraction “Air Train” zooms by above our heads… @ready_10k hails from Queens but made some experiences in Jersey as well…

He comes off as a sweetheart… as most of our conversation devulged situations regarding his childhood, the moments he enjoys teaching his son about technology and his son’s advancement since his son’s birth, “10k” also spoke on his own childhood crush/sweetheart the popular @kyah_baby (#allhailkyahbaby) .

Ready 10k … is focused, driven, and nostalgic … we spoke on the details of the making of his current project 10 years Worth recorded by infamous Queens staple @teardropz718 of Dat0wn Studios, who is the executive producer and Head Engineer; whose known him since a child and recently helped cultivate his dream of creating music back to life. Ready 10k is a family oriented gentleman but trust those fist will fly for his hittas. .. we had convos about his long term goals as he wants to bring that hip hop aura back to New York especially in the borough of Queens. He’s a leader and very devoted to his craft as an artist. In his project “10 years Worth” he speaks of love, pain, family, childhood and life in general for a young man of color in this world. @ready_10k has a story to tell and it’s worth ya while so sit back, watch and engage… you could learn a thang or two… it’s ya gurl the Qween of Queens with the awesome storyteller… @ready_10k … Cop that #10yearsworth out now on

Freaky Kah, the legacy lives on…


In light of his father’s passing… Lost Boyz legendary member Freaky Tah‘s legacy lives on more profoundly now than ever before… The Young King Freaky Kah has a place in the fabric of hip hop because of his father’s footprint embedded so long ago… Today though, everyone wants to know what is Freaky Kah up to, now that he’s his own man, the Qween finds out…

#QyorkCity #RIPFreakyTah #Queens 


@theqweens_com x @freakyKah 

It was lit Memorial day weekend as the Qweens partied it up BBQ style with artist Freaky Kah and his crew. The music was poppin. .. We drank, laugh, danced, and enjoyed the vibes of the evening. Freaky Kah knows how to party…. peep more in the video above and below….
Who is Freaky Kah… peep his views….

In the following clips the Qween dives into Freaky Kah and what he represents.. He is the son of the legendary Freaky Tah of the Lost Boyz dynasty

#QyorkCityMusicGroup #QGTM 

Freaky Kah is poise, observant, confident and strong; a young man of his calibur is very driven . Kah along with his business partner Q of “Qvisions #Qyorkcity have many ventures up their sleeve which I was told are very top secret. Freaky Kah is what we would consider the new breathe of fresh air in hip hop with a new class of fresh sounds too. He put us on to artist like @skiprage of Bricktown and @21quest of Woodhaven, which are neighborhoods in the borough of Queens, NY . Look out for more on them soon… “Back to Queens” is my sh*t feat. @skiprage and the “Like Jus” which is dedicated to another Queens legend #BlackJus Yup Google him… S/O to his son’s @BlackJus87 and @Killy_GIS of #jakwad a brand representing their ambition and pride. Freaky Kah just recently was interviewed at YAC radio w/ #OntheSpotwithJoyaduhhh w/host @joyaduhhh and @the_haitian_king  … definitely had a ball… peep

@joyaduhhh x @freakykah 

In New York the support of independent artist is slim… but the youth of our city are determined to change the climate of that dark cloud hanging above us in the city that never sleeps… Freaky Kah just may be the leader to the new breed of hip hop, 

Gaddafi x Dimelo Listening Session behind the scenes…

The following is footage from the night of @gaddafiworld x @dimelo_zoepapii mixtape listening event live at Signature Soundz Studio in Queens, New York. 

Check Out More @theQweens_com on instagram and snapchat/iamword22 and snapchat/@joyaduhhh  snapchat/theQweens #theQweens 

The artist above is none other than talented artist/songwriter @tinabugatti  on instagram. 

Brodie Fresh x Trilly : Plotting 

Hailing from Long Island with accolades from Ebro on Hot 97 to claiming the title King of Long Island we introduce to you the One and Only Brodie Fresh featuring the Bar Slingin Prince of 40 projects in South Jamaica, Queens “Trilly” in the song “Plotting” .

Meet the Talent: “AffPac” 

Hailing from the QueensBridge side of Queens, in Long Island City is artist “AffPac”. He released new visual entitled “Praying” directed by @nvrlink and produced by @saucegod_d1. More details to come… 

Peep AffPac in June along side artist Piif Jones… it’s gonna be lit!

@piifjones x @affpac #AllForFamily

Peep “AffPac” at #theDrift held on 05.10.2017 hosted by @theQweens_com 

@affpac at #theDrift 📸: @supportthehood