Meet the Talent: @esparo

This young creative was brought to our attention back in the Summer, by Swaggy of GBs Sneaker Store in Jamaica, Queens. He’s the artist known as “Esparo” and he definitely has an ear for great beats. However, It’s those glistening brown eyes and impeccable bar play he drops in his most recent debut which is available to hear on Soundcloud that has us intrigued for more… There will be more to chat bout him once we get an interview , stay tune and connect with him on all his social media sites… @esparo

Listen to Trending Prod. 1kLowkey by Esparo #np on #SoundCloud

You can catch more of him also at #GrungeCake … Check all your social media site…

#QweensBizz : Kodak Black Speaks Up!

“They wanna criminalize Me”- #kodakblack

@kodakblack – Ion See Color We Ain’tNoneNaw Ion Even See Us In Da CrayonBox ….
“When Everybody Idolize You They Wanna Criminalize You” #KodakBlack You Gotta Love Me If Not 🖕🏿 #KuntaKent 🎯@officialsnipergang

Kodak Black × Rape Charges

According to sources over at Variety, recording artist Kodak Black has been recently arraigned on rape charges and awaits trial for the case involving a young teenage girl.

Kodak has been dealing with parole violations as well. We shall see the outcome soon enough, what are your thoughts?

Sport! (1800-StayBusy)

The artist known as “Sport” debuts music… There’s a lot to say about the artist, but we will save that for another time when we interview him… For now check him out on his social media instagram/sport2busy

Watch “Baisley La “Boss Man”

He’s the heart of Baisley Houses in Queens off Foch Blvd… They call em “Drop” or “B-LA” but we call em #Bossman haha yup he definitely is… Featured in the video are also @SuperCoolQ (#ontheroad) , @skinofbronze_ (producer) and of course the extremely funny @slycemulatv check it out and repost on all your social media outlets…

Also peep new video for single by #omb (Only My Brothers) featuring Baisley La


Lil SNS on #WildnOut

We met former Bad Boy DJ SNS’s son “Lil SNS” of #IcyGang back in 2011 for #RedBull concert series in the Financial District in New York City (Manhattan) … Then we bumped into him again at Daddy’s House (P.Diddys former bad boy studios in NYC) where we also met at the time “Tittyboy” 2 weeks prior to him debuting on Hot97 w/Funk Flex or New at 2 with DJ Camilio (correct us if we wrong but yea) who later changed his name to 2Chainz

Lil SNS has been on both Hot 97 and Power 1051 which is more to say than most New York born #artist

Recently, he performed on WildnOut with popular host/producer/director/big kid @nickcannon

Feeling Nasty? #happybirthdaynas

Celebrations are in order, this week artist known as “Nas” party’s in the NYC with family and friends… One good friend in attendance is none other than the Qween herself “NickiMinaj” who so darlingly calls out popular artist “Nas” in his birth name Nasir in the live video Also in the video is “Jungle” close family/right hand of Nas. #Queensbridge knows how to party… Putting Queens on the map since MC Sham…