The Platinum Life 10.15.2017

Premiering the night of Oct 15 2017 will be these seven ladies of “The Platinum Life” on the E! Network.

The cast will include @iam_QueenRoe , @missjackson, @nazaninmandi , @alyciabella , @lamiyagood , @itscrystalsmith , @asiiah just to name a few… Check out more details @theplatinumone on social media

Piece by Piece: The Carters

She so elegantly and ruthlessly debuted “Lemonade” and the world was once again intrigued with “Yonce” … Beyonce reveals the woes/beauty of being the wife of Shawn “Jay z” Carter, mother to Blue, while still being Sasha Fierce for billions in her infamous Bey Hive. Beyònce gives us her self stripped naked and vulnerable yet stronger…

Now a days, They are inseparable thanks to the birth of “natural” born twins Sir and Rumi Carter, and the debut of the controversial “444” album. Jay-Z lets us inside surprisingly but in levels as you listen thru the album, one favorite is “Smile” as he lets us in on the truth of his mother’s battle with her sexuality during his youth and adulthood. Check out more on and

Meet The Talent: Genesis Val Lèon 

She is the new face emerging on the scene in entertainment especially where Young Latino’s are concerned… She’s done traveling, Public Relations, singing but her greatest gift is Acting! She will have Hollywood knocking her door down and we have the pleasure of catching up with her before the Flashing Lights start chasing her… We presence the sexy, the Lovely Genesis Val Lèon!!!!!

📸: @genesisvalleon

In one word, who is Genesis Val Lèon? Dreamer

What inspires your “movement”? 

My family

My parents came to the United States with dreams to provide my siblings and I with all they were restricted from back home. That alone is the fuel to my passion. My mom and dad are the most hardworking, giving and passionate individuals I know. I am the product of a strong support system and I want to make sure that everything I achieve in life gives others the courage to fulfill them. It is so important to support one another because that alone can change someone’s life. 

Where have you been , that gave you an awesome idea to “better” yourself spiritually, physically and your craft ? 

I grew up in a community called Highbridge in the Bronx.  My fear of self expression and exploration was diminished because of the arts and that alone allowed me to become a woman who never wanted to be boxed in within the stereotypical barriers that were set upon us. 

In my Junior year in college, I received a full scholarship to study abroad and attend Barcelona University. I backpacked throughout Europe and Northern Africa. My life has not been the same since. I’ve volunteered as a music teacher in many countries including Cuzco, Peru and Nairobi, Kenya. Being able to work with orphanages and give them the gift of arts fulfills me spiritually and absolutely inspires my craft. 

That alone is something I do not take for granted because I know many of my peers will never experience that but that encourages me to work harder because again, this dream is more than Genesis– it’s for my community, those who are afraid to leap and those who need someone to look up to. 

📸: @genesisvalleon

When did Genesis know that she wanted to be who she is today?

I’ve been performing as early as 8 years old. I was that kid that would randomly dance to car alarms that would go off on my street. My first classical music/ voice classes started when I entered second grade.  I vividly remember my dad playing music from an old record player. We literally would go around the world through music. I remember him playing Tommy Boy, Queen, Whitney, Michael, Prince, Ana Gabriel, Selena and so many other. He gave me one of my greatest traits which my broad music palette. It was something we shared and still till this day do. My dad is an engineer but has an immense love for music (singing)

As for acting, my mom. My mom has the most electric and contagious personality I have ever encountered- think Rosie Perez meets Sofia Vergara with the most beautiful accent. I remember attempting to imitate her while she would try to reprimand me and getting in so much trouble. I would write apology songs and perform them whenever I got in trouble. My mom is also a huge Novela ( Hispanic Soap Operas) fan. And boy, that’s where the fun really started. You have not really laughed until you’ve watched a novela episode. 

As for modeling, it just came with my personality. My first “pageant” was when I was 5 years old. I wish you all can see this video. I always had big hair and I guess my mom had put my hair in two pony tails. Well, I decided I wanted my hair out. Next thing you know, I walked out with my hair out in this gorgeous fro and strutted my way across the runway, made a detour and walked through the crowd- absolutely messed up the entire order and the organizer had to go and get me.

How does Genesis Val Lèon see her self before this year is out

Honestly, I am all about continuous improvement. I have worked so hard to get to where I am now. I want to continue making this dream bigger than Genesis. I just got booked for ” Platanos Y Collard Greens” which is a show I wanted to be in so badly when I first saw it in 2010- so that alone is progression. I started the writing process of my own TV show about my life which is an amazing because I never thought I would be exploring the art of writing.

I see myself ending this year as a stronger woman, expand my network and efforts in inspiring the youth within my community.

Goodbye to Minority Television?

The new crop of scripted broadcast series for 2017-18 season features low representation for women and people of color in the topmost roles both in front of and behind the camera. According to an analysis by Variety, white men make up a the majority of showrunners and lead actors on the new series ordered for the……

via New 2017-18 TV Shows Are Mostly White and Male — Variety

Keke Palmer x Quincy x Power 103.3


It’s CIAA down here in Charlotte and its the perfect time for promo for many celebs, which would explain why actress Keke Palmer and Quincy are in town. The premiere of Brotherly Love is in April but the cast is in Charlotte for a movie pre screening with the CIAA crowd. They stopped by popular hiphop station Power 103.3 to chat with discjockey Chewy to speak on the movie and the excitement behind it being Quincy’s first time being in a movie. The prescreening takes place tomorrow in Charlotte.

Mo’Nique x Hollywood Game

There was much speculation a week ago when writer/director Lee Daniels had stated on the Don Lemon show on CNN; that academy winning award actress Mo’Nique has been blacked balled in Hollywood because she wouldn’t play the Hollywood game.

Well recently Mo’Nique came to shed some light on that very same show with Don Lemon on what was the true reason behind why the public had not seen her since the 2010 Oscars where she made history.

Lil Mama x Barbra Streisand x Joel Silver


Rapper/Actress Lil Mama gets elegant and celebrates Memorial Day with iconic actress Barbra Streisand at Hollywood Blockbuster producer, Joel Silver’s home. Lil Mama has also recently appeared in Kontrol Magazine to speak on what’s going on in the hiphop stars life lately.