Still not Black, I’m O.J.

The footage above displays paparazzi after they stalk down released ex-felon famed football player and alleged killer of Nicole Simpson, the one and only O.J. Simpson. Haha Johnny Cochran must be having a field day up there huh…

Still surprised by all the frenzy behind O.J. Simpson after all these years, he gave us hope when he won that case (not guilty) and made us wonder when he was incarcerated for the dumb sh*t they claimed he did, Congrats O.J. u semi-free, yea he has to have parole now, so now they gonna babysit him.

Piece by Piece: The Carters

She so elegantly and ruthlessly debuted “Lemonade” and the world was once again intrigued with “Yonce” … Beyonce reveals the woes/beauty of being the wife of Shawn “Jay z” Carter, mother to Blue, while still being Sasha Fierce for billions in her infamous Bey Hive. Beyònce gives us her self stripped naked and vulnerable yet stronger…

Now a days, They are inseparable thanks to the birth of “natural” born twins Sir and Rumi Carter, and the debut of the controversial “444” album. Jay-Z lets us inside surprisingly but in levels as you listen thru the album, one favorite is “Smile” as he lets us in on the truth of his mother’s battle with her sexuality during his youth and adulthood. Check out more on and

Rihanna × Fenty Empire

The world was at an instant shock when, pop star Rihanna debuted her Fenty Beauty line just a week ago.

Most popular are her darker shades in the beauty line that debuted across the world catering to the different shades of women around the globe.

Rihanna officially has brands in sneakers w/ Puma and now the cosmetic line… She does also have the perfume and apparel line as well… New music I believe will be next on top of her growing marijuana business in Colorado…(Google it)


In the Spring, the Puerto Rican rapper released a seven-track project titled, “Camouflage.” Backpack Beatz, a production maestro from Tallahassee, Florida, made the tracks. Soon after, UFO FEV released a joint project with Dunbar called, “The Birds and the Bees” EP. 
He has been featured on VIBE’s website, chatted with the legendary DJ Enuff on SiriusXM, appeared on DJ Enuff’s “Hot Box” segment in February, and the music playlist, etc. UFO FEV was added to Pigeons & Planes’ year end staff list twice under ‘Songs’ and ‘New Artists’ by Jonathan Fouabi. He has also been coverage by Hot 97 and 2DopeBoyz in the past.
unnamed (2)
Camouflage EP
High Enterprise Records LLC/Brewery Recording
1. Intro
2. It Matters, Pts. 1 & 2
3. Mister Nice Guy
4. Idle Time (Money II Be Made)
6. New Ernst (featuring Bunchy Cartier)
7. Maybe (featuring Zandra Kaye)
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*MP3 or other audio files available upon request.
About UFO FEV:
Anthony Ortiz, better known by his rap name UFO FEV, is an upcoming refreshing artist born in East Harlem, New York City. Growing up in Thomas Jefferson Houses; Fev was inspired by his favourite rappers like Big Pun, Jay-Z and Beanie Siegel but his flow is still raw, original and captivating.   
UFO FEV was surrounded by a household that was diverse on music; listening to hip-hop, latin, and freestyle. But the major influence in his life was his father, Tony from the internationally-known group TKA. One of his most memorable moments with his father was at WKTU’s Beatstock, TKA performed for a crowd of 55,000 at Giants Stadium. The wow factor was incredible for FEV and his sister, Brook Penning, UFO FEV was inspired. But growing up FEV was afraid to show his father his talents. When he was in the 11th grade his increasing buzz was all over the streets of East Harlem. Eventually catching his father’s attention, he was impressed by his son.   
The name FEV was given to him by Black Rob, another well-known rapper. His exact words were, 
“You’re hot like a fever,” hence the name FEV which stuck in the streets. UFO FEV’s distinct flow, clever self-written lyrics, Spanish background and obvious passion set him apart from any other rapper stemming from Harlem. His songs are based on stories and topics of everyday life from the good to the bad to the ugly; Goals, death, stress, happiness, dreams, love are just a few.
For all UFO FEV press inquiries, please contact Richardine Bartee at GrungeCake – or
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Richardine Bartee
New York City

Beyonce x Liberation (Self Titled Doc)

Now this song outside of Beyonce’s Drunk in Love, is my favorite “Partition”. Beyonce presents Part 4: Liberation. In this video Beyonce speaks of how she met her husband, body weight, music, sexuality, being a mother and the huge dinner she had with the featured writers on the visual album. Also the inspiration of the Crazy Horse Dancers for the Partition video.