Uplife goes on Tour!

Popular indie rap group “Uplife” goes on tour with fame rapper “21 Savage” during Howard University’s homecoming weekend … Peep new footage up now …

We are Fashion #afroinfluence

It would seem that the truth is coming out more and more… All’s fair in love and war… So what about fashion?

Official legendary brand “Gucci” officially signs on “Dapper Dan” of infamous Harlem, NY after so many years of ripping off his style, yes you read that rite! For more on him follow @Gucci and the icon himself @dapperdanharlem

Now, though the fans are crying out on behalf of Rihanna on her Puma designed label slides compared to the known copy cat Kim Kardashian…Folks will still buy both materials from these popular women. Haha tis life in entertainment…

Extra nugget, Tami Roman is becoming a fashion icon in her own way, the slayage is real!

Queens Get The Money!

It would seem that the King of New York, Nas has come to reclaim his throne… And with none other than Infamous Queens fair lady, the Qween Nicki Minaj to reign with him…

Ladies and Gentlemen New York Hip-hop has officially made its statement known… Welcome back to New York!

Nas is and has always been the formula that is considered “HOVA” yes the streets are Jay-zartery” and Nas is his foundation, point blank period!

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