Beastmode goes Star Wars

Controversial football player Marshawn Lynch plays voice over in this clip above, lately he’s been under scrutiny for his ejection from a game recently for stopping a fight against his cousin Marcus Peters… Peep our social media @theQweens__com for details #Beastmode #MarshawnLynch #SeattleSeahawks

28 Patriots x 24 Seahawks Superbowl XLIX


Seattle Seahawks went from being on top of their game in the first 3 quarters only to lose it all because of a call by coach Pete Carroll to throw the ball instead of running it. The Seahawks lost to the veteran Patriots ending with a score of 28 Patriots and 24 Seahawks. The drama set off on the field was unbelievable as both teams engaged in a small brawl after the interception/ touchdown was made by the Patriots player Malcolm Butler. Every Seahawks fan possible was stuck in awe of how bad the call was made by Seahawks Coach, which costed them the game. When asked by reporters if he was mad that he had not gotten the ball, Marshawn Lynch stated no, it’s football, it’s a team sport. In other words no one individual is at fault, we lost as a team period. With all the hell and skepticism media/NFL gives Lynch, he still in our eyes walked away a champion just based off that statement and yea Pete Carroll has got to feel like a douche smh anyhoot looking forward to seeing the Seahawks bounce back and of course for our home team the Giants to be back in the superbowl pow!