LouGotCash x TomDsNY

(From left to right) Queen, Reem, LouGotCash

Popular indie sneaker boutique Tom, Dick and Harry’s (@tomdsny) at 709 Broadway in Brooklyn, New York hosted a signing w/ Republic Records/Gwinin Entertainment artist LouGotCash (@lougotcash)

The store was filled with youth from babies to adults as the hit single #Make10 played loudly from the speakers surrounding the store wall’s.

LouGotCash took pictures, signed autographs and did video drops as customers shopped around the Tom, Dick and Harry’s sneaker inventory.

The event was created by Reem (@loab_loab_loab) and TomD’s inventory manager “Queen(@qu33n_o_) ,whom are partners for Tom, Dick, and Harry’s stores in the New York region.

Meet the Talent: SonnyGoodTimes

Time is Money… is out now… the director is none other than… @sonnygoodtimes ... did you know… he was an artist hailing from Far Rockaway, Queens before the “movies” peep him in this 50 cent remix version of “Far Rock Get it” feat. artist “Deadeye”

peep also… #TimeisMoney episodes 1-3 out now, follow their social media @therealtimeismoney/instagram

“Reasons” Maze x Corey D. (RIP #ZDAGREAT1)


“It’s like it is the soundtrack to his life, sh*t crazy…”– words rendered by featured artist Corey D.



The wound is still open in the Hollis,Queens neighborhood in what is considered “Northside” Queens in the Southeast district of New York, regarding the death of Zanu Simpson aka #ZdaGreat a popular athlete/barber who was kilt in a senseless act of violence on July 25 2017 in the wee hours of the morning following a party at popular bar and grill called Breezes on the Conduit in Rosedale by the highway… well that’s what the streets are saying but one continues to wonder… WHY? What could have possibly led the killer to wanna pull the trigger… was it fear? was it premediated? was it revenge? We will never know until the light is shown… what sits in the dark eventually reaches SUNLIGHT… #staytune

peep more music by Artist @maze_hny on Soundcloud/HNY


In the Spring, the Puerto Rican rapper released a seven-track project titled, “Camouflage.” Backpack Beatz, a production maestro from Tallahassee, Florida, made the tracks. Soon after, UFO FEV released a joint project with Dunbar called, “The Birds and the Bees” EP. 
He has been featured on VIBE’s website, chatted with the legendary DJ Enuff on SiriusXM, appeared on DJ Enuff’s “Hot Box” segment in February, and the music playlist, etc. UFO FEV was added to Pigeons & Planes’ year end staff list twice under ‘Songs’ and ‘New Artists’ by Jonathan Fouabi. He has also been coverage by Hot 97 and 2DopeBoyz in the past.
unnamed (2)
Camouflage EP
High Enterprise Records LLC/Brewery Recording
1. Intro
2. It Matters, Pts. 1 & 2
3. Mister Nice Guy
4. Idle Time (Money II Be Made)
6. New Ernst (featuring Bunchy Cartier)
7. Maybe (featuring Zandra Kaye)
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*MP3 or other audio files available upon request.
About UFO FEV:
Anthony Ortiz, better known by his rap name UFO FEV, is an upcoming refreshing artist born in East Harlem, New York City. Growing up in Thomas Jefferson Houses; Fev was inspired by his favourite rappers like Big Pun, Jay-Z and Beanie Siegel but his flow is still raw, original and captivating.   
UFO FEV was surrounded by a household that was diverse on music; listening to hip-hop, latin, and freestyle. But the major influence in his life was his father, Tony from the internationally-known group TKA. One of his most memorable moments with his father was at WKTU’s Beatstock, TKA performed for a crowd of 55,000 at Giants Stadium. The wow factor was incredible for FEV and his sister, Brook Penning, UFO FEV was inspired. But growing up FEV was afraid to show his father his talents. When he was in the 11th grade his increasing buzz was all over the streets of East Harlem. Eventually catching his father’s attention, he was impressed by his son.   
The name FEV was given to him by Black Rob, another well-known rapper. His exact words were, 
“You’re hot like a fever,” hence the name FEV which stuck in the streets. UFO FEV’s distinct flow, clever self-written lyrics, Spanish background and obvious passion set him apart from any other rapper stemming from Harlem. His songs are based on stories and topics of everyday life from the good to the bad to the ugly; Goals, death, stress, happiness, dreams, love are just a few.
For all UFO FEV press inquiries, please contact Richardine Bartee at GrungeCake – richardine@grungecake.com or richardinebartee@icloud.com
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Meet the Talent: TRPL BLK X DJ PRINCE





“National Debt touches on multiple styles—Detroit’s ghetto tech, traditional hardcore hip-hop, a singular trap cadence on “Windows 95,” and bashment, or Jamaican dancehall—with the title track setting the tone for the project.” —Bandcamp

New York, NY (August 2, 2017) — Gritty in its delivery, and sometimes lo-fi in its production, “National Debt” finds Detroit-native rapper-songwriter TRPL BLK and Long Island’s DJ Prince, who also raps on the project, on a financial escapade. From the start, informative and insightful skits affix the convictions of their album like they did in the nineties.

In a time where trap regulates urban sound waves and global pop culture, TRPL BLK and DJ Prince have chosen to use their creativity to coach, in the same way, Jay-Z’s “4:44” does. The differences lie within the creation. In verity, TRPL BLK and DJ Prince come from families who are financially astute. However, they are in the trenches, with groups of people, they want to educate.

On their own, they’ve garnered support from several media outlets from the likes of Complex, Fact Mag, SPIN, Okayplayer, 2DOPEBOYZ
unnamed (1)

National Debt
Mobile Kitchen

1. Intro
2. Bag Drop
3. Meal Ticket
4. National Debt
5. Cheddar Make It Wetter
6. Back Blocks
7. Invest That
8. F U Pay Me
9. Windows 95
10. Stay Down
11. Choppa Jit featuring Conway
12. NoCash No Pum Pum

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*MP3 or other audio files available upon request.

About ‘National Debt:’
Delving into the layers of each composition, individuality, and solidarity glistens through the bass-heavy selections. Unlike most albums today, “National Debt” ventures into multiple genres that are indigenous to its makers (Detroit’s ghettotech, traditional hardcore hip-hop, a singular trap cadence on “Windows95,” and bashment or Jamaican dancehall). The title track grounds the project, setting the tone, lyrically and visually.

Conway, who recently inked a deal with Eminem’s Shady Records, is the only feature (“Choppa Jit”). In the Buffalo-native rapper’s verse, he boasts about what the gentlemen have in common: Earning hard cash, reprimanding anyone who threatens their peace, and Danny Brown. Other collaborations and silent input came forth in the A&R, production, and visual side. Dart Adams, Combat Cottonwood, Hillie Hill, Dusty Fingerz, Von Styles, and myself are credited.

On an another note: Whether one chooses to see it or not, there are also streaks of encouragement for female-run businesses in the 12-track effort (“National Debt,” “Cheddar Make It Wetter” and “No Cash No Pum Pum”). Women have been written off or written out of America’s economy for so long. We’re still fighting for the so-called Equal Pay Act of 1963 to kick in now, so it is a refreshing inclusion.

For all ‘National Debt’ press inquiries, please contact Richardine Bartee at GrungeCake – richardine@grungecake.com or richardinebartee@icloud.com

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Meet the Talent: Yemi Alade


If you don’t know who Yemi Alade is, now is your chance to find out!! This phenomenal entertainer, and two time winner of the MTV Africa Music Awards for Best Female Artist in 2015, and 2016, affectionately known as the “Queen of AfroBeat”, will be at the Play Station Theater this Saturday, August 5th, 2017, for what promises to be an unforgettable show. As Fader notes, she “gives everything up on stage”. http://www.thefader.com/2016/11/09/yemi-alade-interview-tumbum-mama-africa

Get familiar with some of her hit songs here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_XkTKoDI18 and the African version of “The Boy is Mine” complete with cooking and epic dancing scenes here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mr6DKUylvCk

For Press please email name and outlet for Approval: Marie@playbookmg.com

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Meet the Talent: Mr. Easy “Privacy”

Dancehall Star Mr. Easy Release New Single ‘Privacy’


New York, New York July 20, 2017. Dancehall star Mr Easy has returned with a single titled ‘Privacy’, currently heating up the airwaves, social media and the nightlife. With a career spanning over 15 years it is no surprise that Mr. Easy’s ability to reconnect with fans of all ages would occur again in 2017.

Known for smash hits like ‘Drive Me Crazy’, Mr Easy always have a way to appeal to females with his melodic vocal ability and knowledge of what’s going on in the dancehall. ‘Privacy’, which has recently been featured on popular social media networks The Shaderoom and World Star Hip Hop, is garnering attraction from all over the world due to the impact it has on patrons in the clubs.

“The single not only speaks to me but it is so relatable because not all females want their relationship public nowadays. We don’t necessarily want to follow the trend of putting everything out there on social media for the world to see, we love we privacy” says Natasha Pinnock of Brockton, MA.

“It was all natural, it was nothing planned but the rhythm spoke to me and naturally this is what came to mind. It was a sexy track and immediately what came to mind was ‘Privacy’ I started writing and the rest was history” says Mr Easy.

Produced by Hotta Ball, the rhythm is definitely infectious and get the ladies moving immediately.
Currently receiving spins on WEDR-99Jamz, Hot97, Jamn945, WJMN, just to name a few it is clear that Privacy is on a path to being Mr Easy, next smash single.


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