For the Love of #Joyaduhhh

She hails from Queens, host countless party venues, is the “joy” in everyone’s world, so what’s so special about #Joyaduhhh

On the Spot with Joyaduhhh aired a couple years back including this year until bout June when she went on hiatus, in this upcoming season of 2017-2018 , you will see an unexpected side to what is the #Joyaduhhh the brand… Catch up with her on social media as @joyaduhhh

TRL re-ignited…

Monday, Oct 2, 2018 debuts the popular mid 90s late 2000s fav music show “TRL” featuring funny guy @dcyoungfly alongside special guests like @djkhaled, @fatboy_sse and many others… In the heart of Times Square in New York City… Check it out…

#ViewsinMyCity (instagram/theQweens__com)

We have been in a very busy and re constructive phase within our company, a lot of folks ask what is it exactly that we do….. what we are….

InfluencersWe give a boost to your brand, market, and image. The main ingredient we give to you daily on social media, which can elevation your promotional campaign in whatever industry you are in actively.

Those who would be benefactors of our services don’t utilize us as best fit for their success of “their” brands.

For every “artist” or “talent” we have come in contact with and given our two cents, you instantly see the value of their worth advanced, twice that…

Our graphic designer @melayelamedia who drafted our digital flyer for #theDrift showcase May 10th 2017, we met through #instagram and networked from there, a few months later (September) he gets an opportunity of a lifetime with the creators of hip hop “business” the iconic #DefJamRecords ; as their new graphic artist.

The artist @piifjones also apart of #theDrift , has toured with the lyrical assassins Dave East and Nas, then created his own tour with other artist from NYC, Boston, and Philly. Piif also has a brand designer line entitled #loopylifellc, he hails outta Queensbridge Projects, home to the legendary Infamous MobbDeep as well…

Other brands affiliated by us are #intearzwetrust












And those are just a few… For a better niche for your company, we have the eye, so let our royal treatment beat out your competition….email us today:

Piece by Piece: The Carters

She so elegantly and ruthlessly debuted “Lemonade” and the world was once again intrigued with “Yonce” … Beyonce reveals the woes/beauty of being the wife of Shawn “Jay z” Carter, mother to Blue, while still being Sasha Fierce for billions in her infamous Bey Hive. Beyònce gives us her self stripped naked and vulnerable yet stronger…

Now a days, They are inseparable thanks to the birth of “natural” born twins Sir and Rumi Carter, and the debut of the controversial “444” album. Jay-Z lets us inside surprisingly but in levels as you listen thru the album, one favorite is “Smile” as he lets us in on the truth of his mother’s battle with her sexuality during his youth and adulthood. Check out more on and

Kay Melodies… (Darling gyal)

Music makes the heart jump for joy… This young lady has melodies for sure and great sound… Introducing @Kay_melodies … Not only is she beautiful, her voice is going to take her places… Tune in and pay attention…

The Young Gawds #badboy

They are the yung kings of popular father’s… @diddy and #BayLord

The tag team rap duo known as @kingcombs and @bay_swag are the reflection of a great era in hiphop and they seem to be the formula that wants to revive it, or so it seems…

Rumors are that popular rap star “Mase” is the ghost writer for the duo, others say its recently convicted “BayLord” of Northside Queens is the ghostwriter… Or even his son,

What’s your take?

We look forward to seeing where will this path take the yung lads, stay tune.

As We Move Forward: #ZanuSimpson

We awake to a new day… I don’t know how to go about this but I will say…

Zanu Simpson, when I met you, it was at a GMC bbq hosted by “Dottie and her crew” and Awkward Dishes owner Leta Lundy was handling the food…on the block, 190th and 116rd in the early 2000’s DJ Love Dinero had us live that night… Fast forward and here we are… We laid to rest a man of dedication, love, family, and loyalty. How can someone take you away like this, so suddenly, will be the question for years to come,if a culprit hasn’t been found…

Those were the thoughts and conversations at the funeral, held at the Greater Allen Cathedral of New York City. I watched as the many loved ones far and near pured out in droves of white, asked of the Simpson family in a celebration of the life of “ZdaGreat1“. As, the viewing carried on, a slide show of Zanu appeared on the huge screen above the pulpit in the Cathedral. Happy faces graced the screen, sharing in the love that was “Zanu“, Zanu you will be missed indeed. The community has an air of change in it, u can feel it, one must remain optimistic for a better outlook on our future in South East Queens on the Northside of things…