Russell Simmons × Life Camp

A couple weeks back, Queens native Russell Simmons chats about peace, love, and positive vibes amongst former street hustlers turned urban activist… in the office of Erica Ford’s Life Camp office in Southside Queens.

Meet the Talent: @esparo

This young creative was brought to our attention back in the Summer, by Swaggy of GBs Sneaker Store in Jamaica, Queens. He’s the artist known as “Esparo” and he definitely has an ear for great beats. However, It’s those glistening brown eyes and impeccable bar play he drops in his most recent debut which is available to hear on Soundcloud that has us intrigued for more… There will be more to chat bout him once we get an interview , stay tune and connect with him on all his social media sites… @esparo

Listen to Trending Prod. 1kLowkey by Esparo #np on #SoundCloud

You can catch more of him also at #GrungeCake … Check all your social media site…

For the Love of #Joyaduhhh

She hails from Queens, host countless party venues, is the “joy” in everyone’s world, so what’s so special about #Joyaduhhh

On the Spot with Joyaduhhh aired a couple years back including this year until bout June when she went on hiatus, in this upcoming season of 2017-2018 , you will see an unexpected side to what is the #Joyaduhhh the brand… Catch up with her on social media as @joyaduhhh

BEFORE THE STORM – @itzroyal

Listen to BEFORE THE STORM by Kai Roy’al #np on #SoundCloud

Its 2017 yet the spirit of the 90s left its essence lingering in the air,and so we given gifts, like the talented storyteller, motivator, mind regulator… @itzroyal

Stay tune… Interview due soon

#ViewsinMyCity “freestyle”

We call him “Will” but you can call him @akawhaat cause he drops jewels so fast, you’ll be left with saying “whaaaattt! ” wishing you could press #replay in real life, haha

He hails from the awesome borough of Queens, New York and has lineage you would be surprised by! This young King is a father, leader, activist for the youth and education. He is founder and partner of #SlackersMovinForward movement which caters to the needs of the inner city youth and surrounding communities. Check him out now on all his social media platforms and check out @slackersm4 and also

Kay Melodies… (Darling gyal)

Music makes the heart jump for joy… This young lady has melodies for sure and great sound… Introducing @Kay_melodies … Not only is she beautiful, her voice is going to take her places… Tune in and pay attention…