The Platinum Life 10.15.2017

Premiering the night of Oct 15 2017 will be these seven ladies of “The Platinum Life” on the E! Network.

The cast will include @iam_QueenRoe , @missjackson, @nazaninmandi , @alyciabella , @lamiyagood , @itscrystalsmith , @asiiah just to name a few… Check out more details @theplatinumone on social media

This House Wife is Boomin!

We met her, Tami Roman years ago as a former housewife aka BasketBall wife on “BasketBall Wives” by executive producer/creator #ShaunieONeal popular ex-wife of former superstar ballplayer turned sportscaster Shaquille O’Neal …

Well ms. Tami Roman has been living greater days lately, she has a bonnet collection hitting the market and her daughter is growing into a fine hiphop bombshell herself , introducing @jazzanderson

Tami Roman is quite the budding bombshell , we salute this Qween in all her glory…

Goodbye to Minority Television?

The new crop of scripted broadcast series for 2017-18 season features low representation for women and people of color in the topmost roles both in front of and behind the camera. According to an analysis by Variety, white men make up a the majority of showrunners and lead actors on the new series ordered for the……

via New 2017-18 TV Shows Are Mostly White and Male — Variety

Oxygen x Preachers of Detroit


The network (Oxygen) that brought you Preachers of LA has recently released news of a new project entitled Preachers of Detroit and guess whose in their line up? Yes as you see pictured Dr. Dorinda Clark-Cole ! She will be one of the seven popular preacher’s in the reality show geared for 2015. The rest of the cast will consist of the following individuals: Bishop Charles Ellis, Pastor David Bullock, Pastor Don Shelby, Bishop Corletta Vaughn, Bishop Elect Clarence Langston, and Pastor Tim Alden. The show will also focus on faith, family issues and inspirational themes. Stay tuned…

LaTavia x Meelah x BE magazine


The once childhood LaTavia Roberson and Meelah Williams, stars of groups Destiny’s Child and 702 are newcomers to reality show R&B Divas Atlanta.

The two are the newest members to join the show and also were in the most popular music groups of the 90s to 2000s. LaTavia’s story line will be definitely interesting due to her controversial leave from Destiny’s Child and her connection to Beyonce. Also to star is Meelah the sultry singing voice of girl group 702. LaTavia and Meelah will premiere in show and tell us what went down then and now. The show premieres tonight.

OWN x Love In The City

We are always looking for better, more wholesome things to watch on TV outside of the typical reality drama shows such as Real Housewives of Atlanta and Basketball Wives. Hence as you will see we barely report on those shows because they are the unfortunate norm. To our surprise we stumbled upon an advertisement for a new documentary mini series entitled “Love in the City”, that’s New York City by the way. The series is due to air on the Oprah Winfrey Network on April 12, 2014 featuring four girlfriends named Chenoa, Kiyah, Bershan, and Tiffany.

K Michelle: “I didn’t want to come!”

TheQweens spent the day in the city. Candace is getting married so her dress fitting was today. Later after the fitting we decided we were hungry, so we grabbed some Boston Market. The Qweens bumped into Nema Kamar (well known event planner) while grabbing food. What a coincidence! Candace approached her because she kept saying that she looked familiar. Well we got to talking and she too was in attendance for a night in Paris aka a night in hell. Once we stated that K Michelle cursed us out she laughed and said “Oh we spoke about that this morning.” Nema had this to say: “K Michelle lives with me so in her defense, she was just released from the hospital and did not want to come. However since VH1 is taping she had to come. She’s really a nice person.” That’s all fine and dandy, but K Michelle had no right to have MALE security go in a woman’s bathroom and tell females to get out. We know for a fact Paris had her own “VIP” room if you’re K Michelle you’d think she’d have one too. Nema further commented that reality tv isn’t real and that producers weigh in on everything. She also stated that producers told Paris to say her showcase was wack. TheQweens disagree. “The Boom Boom Room” was a great showcase. We love Toshi’s! We know reality tv is far from being real.

Wish we would’ve stayed drama and all. Sonyae Elise we heard killed the stage. Beautiful person with a beautiful voice, I know low-key Candace is tight she missed such a great live performance.
So many people had such a wonderful time … lucky them.