Queens Get The Money!

It would seem that the King of New York, Nas has come to reclaim his throne… And with none other than Infamous Queens fair lady, the Qween Nicki Minaj to reign with him…

Ladies and Gentlemen New York Hip-hop has officially made its statement known… Welcome back to New York!

Nas is and has always been the formula that is considered “HOVA” yes the streets are Jay-zartery” and Nas is his foundation, point blank period!

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Are You “Ready 10k” !!!

Nice and Sunny in good ole South Jamaica Queens aka #Southside and the Qween chops it up loud!!!! with the artist known as @Ready_10k 

He took me on a tour of the infamous Ajax parks, where you can see car’s flying down the street as the popular New York (JFK airport) attraction “Air Train” zooms by above our heads… @ready_10k hails from Queens but made some experiences in Jersey as well…

He comes off as a sweetheart… as most of our conversation devulged situations regarding his childhood, the moments he enjoys teaching his son about technology and his son’s advancement since his son’s birth, “10k” also spoke on his own childhood crush/sweetheart the popular @kyah_baby (#allhailkyahbaby) .

Ready 10k … is focused, driven, and nostalgic … we spoke on the details of the making of his current project 10 years Worth recorded by infamous Queens staple @teardropz718 of Dat0wn Studios, who is the executive producer and Head Engineer; whose known him since a child and recently helped cultivate his dream of creating music back to life. Ready 10k is a family oriented gentleman but trust those fist will fly for his hittas. .. we had convos about his long term goals as he wants to bring that hip hop aura back to New York especially in the borough of Queens. He’s a leader and very devoted to his craft as an artist. In his project “10 years Worth” he speaks of love, pain, family, childhood and life in general for a young man of color in this world. @ready_10k has a story to tell and it’s worth ya while so sit back, watch and engage… you could learn a thang or two… it’s ya gurl the Qween of Queens with the awesome storyteller… @ready_10k … Cop that #10yearsworth out now on www.datpiff.com

20 Years Gone!: Paula Patton x Robin Thicke


This is the biggest shocker in celeb couples news, singer Robin Thicke and actress Paula Patton split after more 20 years of knowing each other and  being together. The reports surfing the web state they both mutually wanted the separation. Paula Patton admitted she still loves him and doesn’t feed into the tabloids. The couple have known with each other since 1993




Childish Gambino Professes Love For Jhené Aiko (x)

Listen. gambino. wife that. thank you.


They’re cute together!