Jidenna “Particula”

Jidenna feat. Major Lazer

on new song entitled Particula… Peep above

Beastmode goes Star Wars

Controversial football player Marshawn Lynch plays voice over in this clip above, lately he’s been under scrutiny for his ejection from a game recently for stopping a fight against his cousin Marcus Peters… Peep our social media @theQweens__com for details #Beastmode #MarshawnLynch #SeattleSeahawks

This House Wife is Boomin!

We met her, Tami Roman years ago as a former housewife aka BasketBall wife on “BasketBall Wives” by executive producer/creator #ShaunieONeal popular ex-wife of former superstar ballplayer turned sportscaster Shaquille O’Neal …

Well ms. Tami Roman has been living greater days lately, she has a bonnet collection hitting the market and her daughter is growing into a fine hiphop bombshell herself , introducing @jazzanderson

Tami Roman is quite the budding bombshell , we salute this Qween in all her glory…

We are Fashion #afroinfluence

It would seem that the truth is coming out more and more… All’s fair in love and war… So what about fashion?

Official legendary brand “Gucci” officially signs on “Dapper Dan” of infamous Harlem, NY after so many years of ripping off his style, yes you read that rite! For more on him follow @Gucci and the icon himself @dapperdanharlem

Now, though the fans are crying out on behalf of Rihanna on her Puma designed label slides compared to the known copy cat Kim Kardashian…Folks will still buy both materials from these popular women. Haha tis life in entertainment…

Extra nugget, Tami Roman is becoming a fashion icon in her own way, the slayage is real!

Feeling Nasty? #happybirthdaynas

Celebrations are in order, this week artist known as “Nas” party’s in the NYC with family and friends… One good friend in attendance is none other than the Qween herself “NickiMinaj” who so darlingly calls out popular artist “Nas” in his birth name Nasir in the live video Also in the video is “Jungle” close family/right hand of Nas. #Queensbridge knows how to party… Putting Queens on the map since MC Sham…