Jidenna “Particula”

Jidenna feat. Major Lazer

on new song entitled Particula… Peep above

Troy Ave x #NuPac 

Last night was a night for my record books… I officially got to be around the entity known as “Troy Ave” aka Roland Collins.

The private listening event held at the secluded yet decadent place known as Platinum Sounds Recording Studios in Times Square, Manhattan. The crowd grew slowly but surely as we waited patiently for his arrival. The engineer played “Never Switch” off his new EP “Dope Boy Troy” on repeat as we sipped on Bõnfun cognac, the beverage sponsor’s of the event. Troy Ave was on high spirits last night as he entered into the studio full of cameras flashing while he shook hands and shouted out all the familiar faces he came across. Troy Ave immediately got to business saluting the DJ’S as he setup his labtop to play us the new music . 

Troy spoke mainly to the dj’s in the room last night , he was stressing the fact that although he was locked up; the love from the dj”s playing his music motivated his drive to the making of his new project #NuPac…. DJ’s like @iamdjjus and @djjohnnyhansum were live in da buildin, they represent money makin Queens! …

Troy Ave had the studio turnt up as he when down the list of musical content off #DopeBoyTroy , he talked to the crowd like really conversated with us on what has been going on with him. He said he brought a new home, keeps his mama close a lot more nowadays and definitely appreciate’s the fact that people are really rockin with his music . He emphasized how important DJ’s are for the culture. I was just happy to be there… yall know how I get down… Always Hype! Salute to Troy Ave management and “Yams” thank you again for the opportunity to be around greatness. Stay tune…. follow @troyave and @theQweens_com on instagram, twitter, and Facebook . 

Chuck Dollas x Trapper of the Year

Blazin outta Flushing, Queens #TouchCash own Chuck Dollas with new hit single

“Trapper of the Year” mixed and recorded by @teardropz718 from Dat0wn studios in Jamaica, Queens;NY . Chuck Dollas is his own best friend, most loyal confidante… his uber motivation thru out this song makes you feel energized and amped to wanna do something huge, something out of this world, well atleast thats how I feel LOL…. Tune into Chuckdollas on social media @chuckdollas_and also @theQweens_com on social media.

Executive Producer Teardropz chops it up w/On the Spot with Joyaduhhh!

Election night was already poppin off with a heated build up of anticipation as we waited to hear who would be our next President, “Billary” or “Trump”.… Yall already know who won haha… now to the real juice!

Popular Head Engineer and Owner, Teardropz the G.O.A.T of these Queens streets graced the spot with Joyaduhhh alongside cohosts @the_haitian_king and @burymein_makeup, to give us an incite into whose the hottest on the music scene in Queens and in HipHop period! Tune in to Joyaduhhh each and every Tuesday 8pm-10pm on #gfmradio also download the app…. Follow Teardropz on socialmedia @teardropz718 and Joyaduhhh on social media @joyaduhhh… Check on whats exclusive on @theqweens_com.