Meet the Talent: SonnyGoodTimes

Time is Money… is out now… the director is none other than… @sonnygoodtimes ... did you know… he was an artist hailing from Far Rockaway, Queens before the “movies” peep him in this 50 cent remix version of “Far Rock Get it” feat. artist “Deadeye”

peep also… #TimeisMoney episodes 1-3 out now, follow their social media @therealtimeismoney/instagram

Goodbye to Minority Television?

The new crop of scripted broadcast series for 2017-18 season features low representation for women and people of color in the topmost roles both in front of and behind the camera. According to an analysis by Variety, white men make up a the majority of showrunners and lead actors on the new series ordered for the……

via New 2017-18 TV Shows Are Mostly White and Male — Variety

Chuck Dollas x Trapper of the Year

Blazin outta Flushing, Queens #TouchCash own Chuck Dollas with new hit single

“Trapper of the Year” mixed and recorded by @teardropz718 from Dat0wn studios in Jamaica, Queens;NY . Chuck Dollas is his own best friend, most loyal confidante… his uber motivation thru out this song makes you feel energized and amped to wanna do something huge, something out of this world, well atleast thats how I feel LOL…. Tune into Chuckdollas on social media @chuckdollas_and also @theQweens_com on social media.


YouTube has always been everyone’s go to supplement for quick remedies to save a couple dollars and now look at social media, it’s booming with various viral entities. One popular social platform is Snapchat, a make up artist by way of Queens of course (insert confident smile) Bianca Shadà has changed the game. ..

I went to school for music and just happened to fall in love with makeup when a friend of mines; a stylist asked if I could cover for her as a makeup artist (mua) because she canceled last minute on a photo shoot. I’ve been hooked ever since. I’m humbled to have a God given talent to express my craft in various forms of beauty . A very supportive coworker and friend of mines fueled my ambition and that’s what brought bout the Snapchat idea. I want to always continue moving forward in life.

I’m inspired by the life I’m living , the love given and God. I’m Bianca Shadà a skilled and experienced make up artist. You can book me by way of the following 


Also on snapchat/beautybybianca