They call em #theMayorofQueens 

The song that plays in the background is off DubdaMayor mixtape “Motivation to Victory” off, the song is entitled “Pineapples” 

📸: @mayors_world x @theQweens_com #saycheese

You can call him “DubdaMayor” or #theMayorofQueens  … We had a great time in this exclusive interview with an artist whose not only family to the infamous DJ Kid Capri but he’s unbiased in his music as well as versatile in his craft .

We introduce to you @mayors_world live ,uncut, and direct with the Qweens. He is creator and owner with two others of Black Tie Mafia music company…


IT’S Connie Diiamond’ssssss

Blasting on the scene at Joyaduhhh‘s Double Cup Session‘s back in June, and its like we hearing her name everywhere!

She jumped on a plane a couple weeks after straight to London, yes thats rite ole gyal is International famous… this Diamond is from The Boogie Down Bronx… hailing from Wreckhouse Records… peep her in the following also catch her on social media @_conniediiamond

HNY EMPIRE : Queens Legacy to Be

You be the judge…. HNY which represents for the row houses in the Northside of Queens on 184th street and Henderson Avenue. They definitely representing for Queens and the future of the innovation of hiphop for the older and younger generations. They are strong in numbers which represents a unit, unbreakable to say the less… Tune in to them on social media @maze_hny for starters…


If you missing the hype, when bars mattered then have no fear, Queen Mulan is here!

Queen Mulan features in this throwback with two stars hailing from Staten Island named Hue Hef and Youngin… catch up with the talent on social media @iamqueenmulan, @hollywood_hefna_gsd, and @youngin202….

Hefner x Racks On Me

Queen‘s Southside been boomin with mass appeals of talent comin out like how roaches are when the lights come on… Hailin from Rochdale .. Hefner gets drippy with his bars as he lays down fun sounds tunes in this song tribute to fast girls and fast money… Check him out on social media @x_hefner

Bugszy Citglo Dums Outs!

Young Bull Bugszy debuts Dum Out… hailing from 40 Projects in gritty Southside QueensBugszy is full of mass talent… you could drop any beat and the kid just starts going off with word play… bar for bar… creating a song in seconds… if molded the right way and remains dedicated he’ll be a name we’ll be speaking bout for the future of the evolving culture we call HipHop.

Bars are Back! Meet Lady VS Diamond

Let’s introduce you to VS Diamond… She hails from Flushing, Queens and all we can say is she’s next up and she won’t be stopped , mark my words…. “Got Doe” recorded live at Dat0wn studios with Executive producer and Engineer Teardropz catch him @teardropz718 on instagram and also Lady VS Diamond @iamvsdiamond…. connect!