Jidenna “Particula”

Jidenna feat. Major Lazer

on new song entitled Particula… Peep above

Beastmode goes Star Wars

Controversial football player Marshawn Lynch plays voice over in this clip above, lately he’s been under scrutiny for his ejection from a game recently for stopping a fight against his cousin Marcus Peters… Peep our social media @theQweens__com for details #Beastmode #MarshawnLynch #SeattleSeahawks

Russell Simmons × Life Camp

A couple weeks back, Queens native Russell Simmons chats about peace, love, and positive vibes amongst former street hustlers turned urban activist… in the office of Erica Ford’s Life Camp office in Southside Queens.

Recap: Hazel E vs. Shoe Dazzle

Side Bar: Last we checked, the real come up in the whole ordeal is actually Hazel E … Shoe Dazzle still owes her money if they haven’t paid already… #oops

Lil SNS on #WildnOut

We met former Bad Boy DJ SNS’s son “Lil SNS” of #IcyGang back in 2011 for #RedBull concert series in the Financial District in New York City (Manhattan) … Then we bumped into him again at Daddy’s House (P.Diddys former bad boy studios in NYC) where we also met at the time “Tittyboy” 2 weeks prior to him debuting on Hot97 w/Funk Flex or New at 2 with DJ Camilio (correct us if we wrong but yea) who later changed his name to 2Chainz

Lil SNS has been on both Hot 97 and Power 1051 which is more to say than most New York born #artist

Recently, he performed on WildnOut with popular host/producer/director/big kid @nickcannon