Russell Simmons × Life Camp

A couple weeks back, Queens native Russell Simmons chats about peace, love, and positive vibes amongst former street hustlers turned urban activist… in the office of Erica Ford’s Life Camp office in Southside Queens.

LouGotCash x TomDsNY

(From left to right) Queen, Reem, LouGotCash

Popular indie sneaker boutique Tom, Dick and Harry’s (@tomdsny) at 709 Broadway in Brooklyn, New York hosted a signing w/ Republic Records/Gwinin Entertainment artist LouGotCash (@lougotcash)

The store was filled with youth from babies to adults as the hit single #Make10 played loudly from the speakers surrounding the store wall’s.

LouGotCash took pictures, signed autographs and did video drops as customers shopped around the Tom, Dick and Harry’s sneaker inventory.

The event was created by Reem (@loab_loab_loab) and TomD’s inventory manager “Queen(@qu33n_o_) ,whom are partners for Tom, Dick, and Harry’s stores in the New York region.

Will.i.AM is stepping into the world of science and comics in his latest venture “Wizards and Robots”. He is hoping to attract inner city children toward “STEM” (Science, Technology, Economics, and Mathematics) The project is being collaborated with “futurist” Brian David Johnson.The two recently were at New York Comic Con event representing the collaboration.