Its time for a Festival!… Queens

The Sutphin Blvd Harvest Festival will be taking place Saturday September 23. Sutphin Blvd will be closed from Hillside Ave to Jamaica Ave all day, from 9 am – till 6 pm. We are looking for a few people to be part of the Sutphin Blvd Harvest Festival committee. Let me know if you are interested in working on this committee. I am intending to make it a cultural festival, with lots of cultural food, crafts and artwork. If you have any contacts feel free to reach out. I need your help if we are all going to have a successful event.

Best Regards Glenn

Glenn Greenidge
Executive Director
Sutphin Boulevard BID
89-00 Sutphin Boulevard, Ste. 204C
Jamaica, NY 11435
T: 718 291-2110
Cell: 347 813-6218
F: 718 291-2109


Across the country there are many independent ventures being created, the following above is an episode from the first season of PAKQS . The webseries is a story created by @therealqnhannaz {aka Quintin son of Queen Pen} and Directed by @tstrongvfx  out of  the city of Sacremento, California mainly, and in parts of New York in Queens, and Brooklyn. Let’s catch ya’ll up, Queen Pen is infamous female word assassin from the late 90’s and early 2000’s. Queen Pen has hit singles such as “A party aint a Party” featuring Mr. Cheeks {Lost Boyz} and “All my Love”. The main character in the film is Queen’s Pen son @therealqnhannaz on instagram, check out the following episodes and his interview with Jack Thriller {@jackthriller} of Party and Bullsh*t Show {@partyandbullshitshow}

Quintin as his mama named him… but he goes by Qnhannaz also informs us during the interview that he gives back to his community and the youth…

The Royalty Project x Jacqueline Jackson 

Saturday, November 5, 2016 goes down in history as forever the day The Royalty Project commenced it’s first “Crowning”.

Founder and Visionary Jacqueline Jackson came up with an idea to encourage our youth of color in a week by week initiative. Each week was orchestrated in Harlem, New York with urban youth and mentors of different backgrounds to cultivate open minds on what it is to be Royal and A youth of color in today’s World. Following the series of sessions , a finale was held at Sugar Hill Children’s Museum in Harlem where the youth were crowned by their assigned mentors. My daughter Charity Campbell-Goodman was one of the participants and I must say it was definitely worth all those early mornings rushing to get her there. Salute to Jacqueline Jackson, you can see more about The Royalty Project by following them on social media: instagram/@jdoubleup … instagram/theroyaltyproject